– Cube-satellite architecture
– Dimensions: 110Lx110Wx110H mm
– Mass: 1.5kg
– Stabilization: Spinning stabilization using permanent magnet torquer
– Antenna: Deployable antenna, one 1/4? monopole VHF antenna with max.0dBi gain is located at +Z side and one 1/4? monopole UHF antenna with max.0dBi gain is located at –Z side, close to the each edge of satellite body
– Uplink: 70cm band
– Downlink: 2m band
– Amateur radio payloads:
Callsign: BJ1SG ( for CAS-3F)
CW Telemetry Beacon: 50mW, 22wpm
U/V Mode Linear Transponder: 100mW, 20kHz bandwidth, spectrum Inverting
AX.25 telemetry: 100mW, 9.6k baud GMSK
This launch will use an brand new Chinese launch vehicle named as Long March – 6 (LM-6 or CZ-6) at Taiyuan Satellite Launch Center of China, CAS-3A will operate at about 450 km height sun-synchronous orbit, the other satellites will operate at about 530 km height sun-synchronous orbit.

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