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  Qso Date Time Callsign Grid QSOs Comment
.27562018-05-2417:45:46EB5YF IM99SL EA4BFK GRACIAS ALEJANDRO POR EL QSO 73,S .
.27542018-05-1814:24:00HA6NM JN98PB 4X1AJ TNX FOR QSO DR OM ANDREY, 73 DX! .
.27552018-05-1814:23:584X1AJ KM71OG HA6NM DR OM LACI,TNX FOR QSO VIA NEW SAT,73! .
.27532018-05-1717:51:43EA4GSX IN80EN CT3FM TNX QSO 73 .
.27522018-05-1518:24:32EA4GSX IN80EN EA1BZ TNX 73 .
.27512018-05-1217:27:00EA4GQS IN80BH 7X3WPL .
.27502018-05-1214:19:114X1AJ KM71OG UT4LA Большое спасибо за новый INIT,73! .
.27492018-05-0815:24:00DG3LH JO61TD OH5LK TNX FOR QSO JUSSI! 73 DE HOLGER .
.27482018-05-0414:46:42UR5MQD KN98GP HA1SE GD DR IMRE IS RS-59+++ 73 !!! .


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