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                                                              on this page you could found the CAS-3F contacts that have been logged.
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  Qso Date Time Callsign Grid QSOs Comment
.32892020-04-0417:21:48F1NNI IN88CB HRD OY1R G0ABI
.32882020-04-0417:20:00DL6AP JO64AE HRD EA3GFA EA2LU OY1R (ALL CW) .
.32872020-04-0315:54:00EA3GFA JN11AM IK7DZN IK4HPS GRAZIE!73 .
.32862020-04-0213:05:51UA9CED LO96ID R8CT спб за связь,73 .
.32852020-04-0207:11:57R1NW KP71HU ON7RD TKS FR QSO & CUAGN! .
.32842020-04-0116:31:55IW1GJR JN45GT EB3SA .
.32822020-04-0116:30:08IN3ZWF JN56XV DL6AP TNX QSO, 73 .
.32832020-04-0116:27:29IW1GJR JN45GT F1UGK TNX .


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