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  Qso Date Time Callsign Grid QSOs Comment
.29812019-01-2115:55:00DL6AP JO64AE PA1AAM TU DR ATTILA FOR THE QSO .
.29802019-01-2016:12:35DL6AP JO64AE HRD AND CALLED IZ5OVP (CW), BUT HE DID NOT ANSWER :-( .
.29792019-01-1913:18:57UA9LFA M O26VX UA9AKC TNX FOR QSO GL CUAGN 73! .
.29782019-01-1816:40:00DL6AP JO64AE YO7CVL TU DR MIKI FOR THE CW-QSO .
.29772019-01-1816:34:39IN3ZWF JN56XV SP6RLA TNX QSO .
.29762019-01-1712:17:38UA9LFA M O26VX ----- ---- CQ CQ-а в ответ тишина-значит он не ве рнулся с .
.29752019-01-1617:18:14DL7UHF JO62SL F4DXV G3YWA TNX FOR QSO`S 73! HANS HRD: DL2KBH .
.29742019-01-1615:35:00OH5LK KP30ON OE6SDG OZ5JR HRD: RA1QFT .
.29712019-01-1515:54:56OH5LK KP30ON DL3JIN HRD: ON4GP, EA4NF, DL7UHF, SM0HEK, DL2KBH .
.29732019-01-1515:45:48DL7UHF JO62SL EA4NF TNX FOR QSO 731 HANS .
.29702019-01-1514:14:03A65DC LL75OA US5MA THANKS FOR CONTACT !! .
.29692019-01-1416:16:41PE1NIL JO21UN M0DJH TNX FOR QSO 73 COR .
.29682019-01-1216:40:23DL7UHF JO62SL IK0USO DG4CG G3YWA SQ6POB TNX FOR QSO´S 73! HANS .
.29672019-01-1116:58:00DL6AP JO64AE HRD HA5AJZ (CW) .
.29662019-01-0912:46:05 UA9LFA MO26VX ------------- CQCQ -HRD UA4 NM- 569 .
.29652019-01-0714:45:49OH5LK KP30ON —- HRD: YT3N, UA9FFF, US5MAJ .
.29642019-01-0713:13:34OH5LK KP30ON —- HRD: UA9LFA (HE DID NOT HEAR ME ANSWERING...) .
.29622019-01-0616:36:07IW3HRT JN55TG YT3N TNX QSO ,HRD F1RDL 73 .
.29632019-01-0616:34:00F1RDL JN25KU YT3N TNX QSO .
.29612019-01-0515:16:35R9LR MO27QF YO6CFB HNY!!! .
.29602019-01-0512:02:05UA0STM OO21BM UA9FFF TNX FOR QSO LEONID!GL & DX! .
.29592019-01-0315:46:00HA1SE JN87MO SM0HEK TNX FR QSO DR LARS , GL 73...HNY .
.29582019-01-0116:13:00DL6AP JO64AE DF9DX DANKE LBR FRANK FüR'S CW-QSO, HNY .
.29572019-01-0114:38:42R9LR MO27QF UA9FFF .


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