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  Qso Date Time Callsign Grid QSOs Comment
.468452019-11-0918:07:20R9LR MO27QF JA1CG R0WBG HRD UA0STM .
.468442019-11-0918:02:29UA0STM OO21BM JA1CG TNX FOR QSO! 73! HRD: R9LR .
.468432019-11-0207:31:57JA3FWT PM74UW -------- TRAPON ON (UTC), @NOV/2---05:20,17:20 @ /3---06:20,18:10 @ /9---06:05,17:55 @ /10---05:10,17:00 @/23---05:30,07:15,15:35 @/24---04:30,14:40 @/30---06:05,17:55 .
.468402019-11-0207:15:08R9LR MO27QF FO-29 ON TIMES NOVEMBER PSE PRINT FO-29 (UTC) .....................
.468422019-11-0207:14:00UN9FWW MO71PR JA3FWT JA7KPI THANKS FOR QSO, NICE SAT ! .
.468412019-11-0207:13:10JA3FWT PM74UW UN9FWW JH1RYE/7 JA7KPI JO2ASQ/3 TNX QSO ALL !!!! .
.468392019-11-0205:40:51JA3FWT PM74UW JA3IKC JO2ASQ/3 JS6DRQ TNX QSO !!!! .
.468372019-11-0108:50:02PE1NIL JO21UN --- CQ CQ NO TAKERS .


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