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  Qso Date Time Callsign Grid QSOs Comment
.468722020-01-1905:46:25E21EJC/ OK03FP JA3VQW JK2XXK JA3IKC JL3RNZ/4 VK6RK TKS QSO CW,SSB,SSB,CW,SSB CU 73 GL. .
.468712020-01-1806:39:33E21EJC/ OK03FP JM1CAX/1 JR6DI JS6DRQ BD5EUA YD0NXX VK6RK TKS QSO CU 73 GL. ORBIT # 15644 .
.468702020-01-1806:35:00UN9FWW MO71PR JH4MGU JA0AIU/1 JH4MPR THANKS FOR QSO, NICE SAT ! H =1GRAD ! .
.468692020-01-0508:04:12E21EJC/ OK03FP ----- ORBIT # 15494 NOT HEARD,NEXT PASS 16:25 UTC .... .
.468682020-01-0506:19:54E21EJC/ OK03FP JR3CNQ JA2OLJ JL1CGT JR6DI JA6EGM DV2JB DU9JJY TKS QSO ORBIT # 15493 CU ,HNY 73 GL. .
.468672020-01-0415:57:55DL5LBQ JO44NL --------------- NO SIG HEARD ....... .
.468662020-01-0409:00:10E21EJC/ OK03FP ----- 0900-0913 UTC NOT HEARD. .
.468652020-01-0407:12:57E21EJC/ OK03FP ----- 0713-0731 UTC NOT HEARD. .
.468642020-01-0405:35:49E21EJC/ OK03FP JE1CVL JS6DRQ YB1TJ ELEV 1.2 , ORBIT 15454,TKS SSB QSO CU ,HNY,73 GL. .
.468632020-01-0205:34:40UA0SUN OO22AK --- CQ AND CALL JA3VQW-589. GL HNY-2020. 73! .
.468622020-01-0108:13:50E21EJC/ OK03FP ----- MY AOS - LOS TIME NOT HEARD...SO SAD,HNY 73 GL. .
.468612020-01-0106:37:59E21EJC/ OK03FP YD0NXX YB1TJ TKS QSO CU, HNY 73 GL. .


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