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  Qso Date Time Callsign Grid QSOs Comment
.24512017-12-1618:36:20UA9ZCC NO21WX UN7RDP слышал вас громко.59! .
.24502017-12-1221:50:41G0ABI IO80BU IK4JQQ IU2EFA HRD RU4FUT? .
.24492017-12-1118:16:46RV9CHB MO06HS --------- CQ, CQ , CQ . NOBODY . .
.24482017-12-0909:34:00EA4GSX IN71HE F1RHS G7SVF EA8HB TNX 73 .
.24472017-12-0609:58:00EA7AFM IM66TS EB5GIE IZ0CBD EA1JK TKS FER QSO .
.24462017-12-0504:46:52RA9AVL LO94CS RA9DA Спасибо. 73 .
.24442017-12-0305:27:04UA4CRI LO32WA UR5UY Спасибо за QSO ! 73 GL HRD: UN7TA .
.24432017-12-0303:53:08UB9YUS MO93HA UN7TA TNX! 73!!! .
.24452017-12-0303:46:33UB9YUS MO93HA UN7TA TNX! 73!!! MOTOROLA GM300, 10W (UHF, VHF) 5+6 (RZ9CJ). .
.24422017-12-0302:19:12UB9YUS MO93HA UB9YUS (Провёл кусо сам с сабой).:) :) :)
.24412017-12-0205:08:06UB9YUS MO93HA UN7TA TNX! 73!!! .
.24402017-12-0201:43:45UB9YUS MO93HA UA0STM TNX! 73!!! .
.24392017-12-0107:57:00IZ4UFB JN54WO UT1EQ LB7FA THANKS , 73 .


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