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  Qso Date Time Callsign Grid QSOs Comment
.28552018-09-2016:38:46OH5LK KP30ON 4Z1KM HRD: SP8OOU .
.28542018-09-2016:35:074Z1KM KM72KI OH5LK TNX QSO 73 ! SHALOM FROM NATANYA .
.28502018-09-1720:29:42PE1NIL JO21UN IK4HVL G0IIQ TNX FOR QSO 73 COR .
.28492018-09-0904:32:16DL8RCB JN68RS UX0FF DANKE 73! .
.28482018-09-0405:48:01DL8RCB JN68RS CQ CQ CQ .
.28472018-09-0109:29:00IZ1DBY JN45FW F5RRO TNX FOR QSO. 73 DE CLAUDIO IZ1DBY. .


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