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  Qso Date Time Callsign Grid QSOs Comment
.69822017-08-2012:45:00KC9ELU EM79HJ N8IUP TNX QSO & 73! .
.69812017-08-2009:35:24CT1FJC IM57PC G0ABI GC4BRS TNX QSO\'S 73. .
.69802017-08-1920:10:00EA1JK IN83BL F4DXV G0ABI TKS FIRST QSOS IN AO-73 .
.69782017-08-1918:43:14PE1NIL JO21UN ON4EI F8JO TNX FOR QSO 73 COR .
.69792017-08-1918:34:32HA1SE JN87MO 4X1AJ II2FIST TNX FR QSO DR ANDREY AND ROBY GL 73 DE: IMRE .
.69772017-08-1918:31:364X1AJ KM71OG HA1SE TNX FOR QSO,DR OM IMRE,73! .
.69752017-08-1909:10:00HA1SE JN87MO DF9GH TNX FR QSO, GL 73.. .
.69722017-08-1907:40:49F4EJW IN78VJ PE1NIL MANY TANCK FOR THE NICE QSO .
.69762017-08-1907:39:00IZ1DBY JN45FW IZ4UFB GRAZIE PER IL QSO. 73 DE CLAUDIO IZ1DBY .
.69732017-08-1907:36:00IZ4UFB JN54WO PE1NIL IZ1DBY MANY THANK FOR QSO , BYE 73 ! .
.69712017-08-1318:15:384X1AJ KM71OG UY2RA Большое спасибо за QSO,DR OM Андрей,73! .
.69702017-08-1219:45:21PE1NIL JO21UN PE1JXI IIKIAAR TNX FOR QSO 73 COR .
.69692017-08-1208:38:00IZ1DBY JN45FW GW1FKY CT1EIF TNX FOR QSO. 73 DE CLAUDIO IZ1DBY .
.69672017-08-1207:05:00HA1SE JN87MO DG0LAD IU1IEK TNX FR QSO, GL 73.. .
.69682017-08-1207:01:00IZ1DBY JN45FW PE1NIL TNX FOR QSO. 73 DE CLAUDIO IZ1DBY .
.69662017-08-1106:47:18PE1NIL JO21UN HA5AJZ TNX FOR QSO 73 COR .
.69652017-08-1106:45:52HA5AJZ JN97MM PE1NIL TNX! .
.69632017-08-1008:04:02HA5AJZ JN97MM HA1SE TNX! BUM SIGS 599/59 + .
.69642017-08-1008:03:00HA1SE JN87MO HA5AJZ EB2DJ KöSZI/TNX FR QSO GL 73 .
.69622017-08-0909:23:10HA5AJZ JN97MM DG0ER TNX! SRI QSB HVI 73! .
.69612017-08-0809:00:00G7SVF IO90IS G3YWA TNX QSO 73 .
.69602017-08-0719:48:21PE1NIL JO21UN PE1JXI TNX FOR QSO 73 COR .
.69592017-08-0609:55:00G7SVF IO90IS ON4BCV TNX QSO 73 HRD GW1FKY .
.69582017-08-0608:23:00HA1SE JN87MO DF9GH DANKE HARRY, 73.. .
.69572017-08-0500:01:26JO1LDY/1 PM95VS JG7BBO/7 JA1SJV .


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