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                                                              on this page you could found the AO-73 contacts that have been logged.
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  Qso Date Time Callsign Grid QSOs Comment
.65382016-12-0516:43:00HA1SE JN87MO R8AZ TNX SERGEY, GL 73 .
.65372016-12-0511:49:16R0RQ OO22DG BH4PVP DR YANGJUN YOU SIGS (577-477) MAG.STORM. NOT COPY RST FOR ME. SORRY GL*73! .
.65362016-12-0418:07:49DG1EA JO31EF IW6NXR UA3RAW R2DLP TNX F QSO,ALL 59, VY 73 BEN .
.65352016-12-0411:30:16R0RQ OO22DG JA3FWT TNX FR FB CW QSO 73! .
.65322016-12-0410:15:18CT1FJC IM57PC PA3HDG TNX QSO 73 .
.65342016-12-0410:14:00HA1SE JN87MO F5MFO MCI FR QSO, GL 73.. .
.65312016-12-0408:46:23DL8RCB JN68RS HA1SE DANKE,73 CW RST 579- 599 .
.65332016-12-0408:40:36HA1SE JN87MO UA3RAW DL8RCB TNX FR QSO, GL 73 .
.65302016-12-0407:06:09DL8RCB JN68RS ............... HRD RD7P SSB .
.65292016-12-0317:50:45DL5LBQ JO44NL RA9FLW MNI TNX FER QSO 73 DE DIRK .
.65282016-12-0317:49:03R2DLP KO86RG RA3RBE DG1EA TNX! 73! .
.65272016-12-0317:47:52DG1EA JO31EF R2DLP RA9FLW H:HA1SE - TNX F CONTACT, VY 73 BEN .
.65262016-12-0314:28:24RV9CHB MO06HS --- R0RQ у Вас на 144 USB или LSB , сигнал не понятный . .
.65252016-12-0300:18:35DS5DNO PM45OF JA3FWT TKS AO-73 QSO 73 .
.65242016-12-0220:37:35DL0SX JO44NL EA1BYC 2E0EME G0UXC MNI TNX @ ALL FER QSO`S 73 DE DIRK .
.65212016-12-0218:53:124X1AJ KM71OG DL0SX TNX FOR QSO,73! .
.65232016-12-0218:53:00DL0SX JO44NL 4X1AJ MNI TNX FER QSO , 73 DE DIRK .
.65202016-12-0217:39:02R2DLP KO86RG UR6MK RA9FLW IK8XLD TNX! 73! .
.65192016-12-0210:51:08UA0ZGX QO93ED UA0ZL 57, TNX FOR QSO, 73 GL .
.65172016-12-0118:47:45DL5LBQ JO44NL UX0UO MNI TNX FER QSO 73 DE DIRK .
.65182016-12-0118:38:00I0CMD JN61FO IK8XLD CIAO ROCCO GRAZIE DEL QSO SU AO73 .
.65162016-12-0117:08:01R2DLP KO86RG UR6MK TNX! .


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