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                                                              on this page you could found the AO-73 contacts that have been logged.
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  Qso Date Time Callsign Grid QSOs Comment
.19132014-10-0215:25:24UA9CS MO06GU ---- CQ... .
.19122014-10-0119:51:00HA1SE JN87MO PA3ARK TNX QSO, 73... .
.19102014-10-0118:14:30HA1SE JN87MO UA9CS GE IGOR, TNX QSO, 73.. .
.19112014-10-0118:14:00UA9CS MO06GU HA1SE TNX IMRE , GN , 73! SAT OFF IN 18.17 UTC .
.19072014-10-0116:39:14R0RQ OO22DG UA9CS Игорь 599X2 CFM TNX GL HRD RA9AJW (59) .
.19082014-10-0116:37:00UA9CS MO06GU R0RQ Борис, слышал тебя 599 , но коротко SAT - OFF IN 16.39.40 UTC , GN, 73 ! .
.19062014-10-0116:36:00UA9CS MO06GU RA9AJW 73! TNX SSB QSO Валерий ,GN .
.19032014-10-0115:04:27UA9CS MO06GU ---- CQ... .(Слушаю на J - ANT ON 144 MHZ на крыше моей 12 этажки..передаю на 3 квадрата на 432 мгц там же .)
.19052014-10-0115:03:14R0RQ OO22DG * Привет друзья.Слышал только Игоря...73! .
.19042014-10-0115:02:30UA0SUN OO22AK --- CQ ...CQ HRD: R0RQ CQ 589, UA9CS CQ 589, NOT ANSWER 73! GN. .


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